Saturday, 26 March 2016

"Kapoor and Sons"----- Movie Review

A family that stays together, fights together and screams together is a clear depiction of "Kapoor and Sons". The family revolves around the kapoor "clan" and their daily chores of disturbances that they encounter in their daily lives. The elderly grandfather (Rishi Kapoor) is a delight to watch with his smack able performance of playing a 90 year old young adult to be precise. His in time comic act in between serious discussions is what keeps you waited for the next to happen, otherwise you would not like to wait for more.
Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak play the role of a disgruntled couple who are on the verge of the end of their marriage but still remain under the same roof amidst of all the past/ present quarrels which keeps the audience clueless before intermission. Fawad Khan irresistible screen presence would want you to see him more. While Sidharth Malhotra's intense performance helps the movie to keep it going. Alia's looks lovable with her pleased performance.

What might annoy the audience is that it has nothing new in it, heartbreaks, fights, arguments is what keeps on trolling in the movie. At one point you feel that instead of stretching it more, it needs to be wrapped up quickly. This family Drama becomes heavy as it includes misunderstandings, distrust, arguments all in one. Had it been made on a more lighter note it would have worked more.

Though in the end if thus makes you realize that family, relationship's are important and we at times knowingly or unknowingly take it for granted. It leaves with an ending that the far you are the greater you realize the worth of your family , so value time and people surrounded around you.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

It's all about TIME.............

It's all about time. What you think, you perceive, you do, you expect it to be, all is based on time. Life surrounds around time. At times you expect that things don't turn out the way you wanted it to be, may be because the time was not right. Few years when you move on and look back, you realize that what time did to you then and what it has in stored it for you now.

I might sound too deep, when I talk about the things that has been surrounded by us, be it the people, the atmosphere or the things that are going in your life or our part of your life. Some will stay, while some will gradually leave, the ones that are with you might be with you till the end, but the ones who will leave you will culminate into faded memories.

You can stop this vicious circle, it will always remain with you and you will keep roaming around into it. Cut it, break it but you cannot move out of it. Life and time will make you run the way it wants it to be and you will have nothing except of the fact that you have to drag along with it. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Mission 272+ accomplished, Modi and BJP's victorious win.

Do not underestimate the power of a Common Man.” A common man has the power to change the fortune of his realm. The same could be seen on 16th May 2014, when the people of the nation united and gave BJP the most incredible victory by making it one of the most historical events to be remembered.  After 1984 and for the first time in the history of the nationalist party, NDA crossed the mark of 300 and attained full majority in the Lok Sabha elections. 

Lakhs of volunteers united and made mission 272+ accomplished. New strategies and plans were formed to give a new dimension of the party to the people of the nation. Right from social media team to the ground level volunteers everyone had put their sheer efforts to create a historic moment for BJP so that its name can be imprinted in nation’s history.

BJP made the most remarkable victory in the recent elections and swept away the seats of its opposition as well, thus seizing away the opportunity from them to sit in the opposition. BJP’s triumphant win in all states indicates the much needed change from the ruling government which had obstructed all plans and paths of a common man.

When BJP talked about, United India and Good Governance, the party was being targeted for being communal. Series of allegations were put against the prime ministerial candidate and the saffron party, so that they could tarnish the party's image and create hurdles for them.  

Every time, the party stood strong on its principles and with the support of each and every citizen, the party turned victorious in every state with high margin. Modi ji determination, hardwork and his aim to lead the nation while fighting against all odds will open a new chapter in the Indian History.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Homosexuals are NOT criminals

Few days back, a news channel was running a bulletin stating that SC has declared homosexuality a criminal offence. With a stunned expression, I could not believe what I heard and saw. I pinched myself, looked at the calendar realising that we don’t live in dark ages and we are soon going to bid adieu to 2013. At this time, when the world is chasing the path of progress, what made the Indian Judiciary to take this rearward action?

We are all aware of the fact that rape, sexual assault and domestic violence are criminal offences but how does homosexuality adds to this list. Is falling in love with someone of the same gender a crime? C’mon, we can’t compare homosexuals with criminals.

Criminals are termed for those who perform inappropriate duties like rape, loot, assault and harm and destroy the life of an individual. But in India, we have a different tale to tell, here, homosexuals are also termed as offenders who commit crime by falling in love with the person of the same sex. How is it a crime? Don’t they have a right to live there life on their own terms?

Those who think that homosexuals destroy the order of nature need to put back their words in their mouth and re-think on it again.  They are equal members of the society who are entitled to practice human rights like any other citizen of the country.

While the political parties may be reluctant in giving its views about the formation of the government but they surely know how to comment on the most debatable topic. Though some parties have always considered homosexuals as criminals, while there are those who like to take mid-path in their political game and turn in support to win over the confidence of the citizens of the country.

Well, India can never progress if they still wish to live in dark ages while showing the outer world the picture of its modern era. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Iconic : Sachin Tendulkar

Sachinnnnnnnnnnn........... Sachinnnnnnnnnnnnn............aala re aala sachin aala...... the stadium roared for 24 years when Sachin stepped down on the pitch to play for the Indian Team. Yesterday was different; people shouted for Sachin but with a heavy heart as finally the GOD OF Cricket had decided to end his journey of cricket by retiring from the test matches.

At the age of 16 when Sachin for the first time played against Pakistan, less did he know that he would stand strong for 24 years despite all odds and would turn out to be the youngest iconic personality in Sports and an admirer for his contemporaries and juniors.

A journey which he began on 15th November 1989 came to an end on 16 th November 2013 followed by an emotional speech which left not him but the whole nation into tears. It was hard for every cricket lover to imagine that they will not be able to spot Sachin’s name in the league and now has to imagine cricket without him.

His began his speech in a choked voice but managed to continue for next twenty minutes. He thanked his family, friends, media and his fans for garnering him immense support throughout his career.

All through his career, Sachin played with honesty and bowled his fans with his unbeatable records but still talking with humility whenever asked about his thrashing performances in every match he played.

His career ended on a beautiful note with the announcement, that he will be honoured with BHARAT RATNA, making him the youngest civilian to receive this award. Truly, Sachin touched chord of every cricket lover and has earned respect through his game and his humbleness towards his fans.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Rejuvenate your life with a SMILE

“I was smiling yesterday, I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” 

Santosh Kalwar

You can bring a smile on your face when you are contented, you can also smile when you don’t wish to, but a fake smile would do to make others pleased. A smile on the face is just a proof for others to show them that everything is bright in you haphazard life.... yes that is what you do... you crack jokes, you laugh aloud only when you are among your peer groups....

Can you recall when was the last time you saw yourself smiling in the mirror? AAAAAAAAHA... a tough one to think...... but nevertheless we all our trapped in the similar circumstances. Every day we wake up with handful of tensions and with new list of problems.

It is a human behaviour when you see others smile and relaxed in their life, you feel jealous and that jealousy vanishes away the smile from your face. It happens because of the competitiveness we all carry in our minds. It does not only make our present complicated but turns our future into more complexities.

We cry, feel miserable but still we rejuvenate again because this is what life is all about. So it’s better to spread happiness all around, tug in all your hidden feelings and let everyone know that there is no one happier than you, though the reality of  your life is something else.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Google v/s Human Brain

Today, I was just flipping the pages of the newspaper, when my eyes caught on an interesting article which said, “GOOGLE HAS MADE PEOPLE FORGETFUL”. I stressed on my mental organs to think that how far is it true, and finally came over a conclusion which was in the favour of the article that I had read in the evening.

It is a well known fact that in the past few years with the preamble of new technologies, the humans have given rest to its Cerebrum and focuses more on internet search. It goes the same way, that when everything is served on your platter, then why do you need to search for food?

Just think for a minute, can you discuss any term in detail without searching for it on Google? Most of us will answer it as a NO. Why is it so? Has Google made us so dependent in the past few decades? Earlier how did people worked with so much of efficiency when the word GOOGLE was still unfamiliar. Those minds worked, because for them there main strengths were their intelligence and hard work and their minimal dependency on innovative technologies.

Our brainpower has been overtaken by technologies, thus giving us less opportunity to think, process and work. If we anticipate that these technologies will not affect us further, then our mind is forcing us to believe what can never be true.

According to the latest survey, people were unable to recall even the latest incidents such as death of Princess Diana or the attack on the World Trade Centre or any history of the past. To recall everything the dependency on Google has become mandatory. Our coming generation will fathom on other techniques which is still unknown to us and our future will not exist of Human race but of Robotic race.