Thursday, 19 May 2011

Illusion and Reality

The truth is there is nothing to be afraid of its just life.

There comes a time in every man’s journey when all that is normal overturns, leaving us completely off course. You suddenly realize that you are standing at mid-seas braving the storm and trying to figure out that which direction to sail, a final hope which would save you from drowning.

The basic question which comes in our mind is what sustains you at such moment? In that circumstances how do you renew your faith? Do we lose ourselves in the maze of misery or find out a way to fight against it? The choices we make in these decisive moments can change the rest of our lives for better or worse.

We all wish for a better future for ourselves. Some work towards it while others just rely on their luck but no matter how perfectly it is planned there are bound to be disappointments.
When we are young we think that nothing can hurt us. Your whole life is ahead of you big plans for your future. But as we grow old we realize that things does not shape as we had expected it to be and the plans you made were mere dreams.

Many a times we fail to recognize the good in the worst that life throws at us. Some would give it up too easily without putting up a fight. While handful of others will believe in the kindness and justice of life, never giving up easily. It has to be understood that there can be no triumph without a trial because it is only when we have tested ourselves, we discover who we are and once we have tried it we are able to discover who we can be The person has to be courageous enough in order to turn the impossible into possible and should rise above themselves showing promises of a better tomorrow.

Through our strong thinking we can be an inspiration to someone who could be anyone from a friend to a stranger.

There are times and a situation when someone close to you disappoints you or someone you thought great falls short of your expectations but these are not the reasons enough to stop believing.

On the whole if you give it a closer look one can find possibilities in almost every simple thing that life has to offer, letting go off regrets and sometimes by deciding to be a better person that you were yesterday.

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