Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Elederly abused by their offsprings

India is known for its diverse cultures, which has been passed from generation to generation. The Indians are appreciated because of their respectful nature towards their parents. Even migrants who reside abroad want their children to have Indian roots and their devotional approach towards their families.

Recently, Help age India, had conducted a survey that most of the elderly people are victims of physical and verbal abuse. They are mostly targeted by their own families, be it their sons and daughter- in-laws. This highlights the fact that Indian people have been delinquent towards their parents.

The elderly people’s financial dependency over their children is the main reason of their agony. 90% victims are found in Delhi itself. Some have confined indoors in silence and have not been able to share their grievances with their neighbours.

People always desire to have a Male offspring in their families and this survey has clearly proved that 50% elderly people are abused by their sons.

Elderly people have to break their silence and move out in public to express their grievances with the people. Earlier elderly people were targets of crime and murders and now they fall prey in the hands of their own family members.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Get ready to pay for expensive meals

The government is in no mood to respite its citizens with the expenses it is mounting on the people. Since the year began, the government has been introducing new hikes, be it in the milk products, petrol or other groceries that are consumed for daily usage.

From July1 a new hike is reported to be seen in food and liquors, announced by the Delhi Excise Rules 2011.The popular brands of liquor such as Scotch, Vodka and Whisky will increase by 10-15%.While the price of bear will remain stagnant because the price was revised three months back.

An augmentation in the price of liquor will also push up the price of food items in the restaurants. Industry experts said, people will have issue in the beginning as they have to shell out more money on products such as alcohol and cigarettes but within time people will get accustomed with the inflated prices.

People are left with no alternative be it the household products or luxury items as they have to spend more money from their pockets. Since, the year has started; the government has burdened its citizens with the hikes on various products. While the government themselves are unanswerable on issues related to corruption.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Players prefer IPL over country

In time to come, IPL will become more notorious among the players. This is what a survey has to say, which was conducted among 45 players by the federation of international cricket. Players are keen to endure their national duty when they are approached to play for the IPL.

The survey showed that 32% players would retire before as their keen interest is in playing for the Indian premier league and T20.While 94% assured that young players will refine their skills because of the lucrative salaries offered by the IPL.

IPL has its own benefits as it provides the player with astronomical salary which is much more than their actual revenue which is generated while playing for their ODI matches.

Looking at the present scenario of the players, the loyalty factor is likely to shift towards the IPL matches, as it replenish new opportunity to the upcoming players and plenty of time is provided to them for the practice as IPL is held once in a year.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

DU makes it easy for its students

With the declaration of the 12th board result all over India, it is time to move ahead and grab your seats in DU. Breaking the boundaries of school, again time has come to run for the DU admission process. Students from all corners of the country are heading towards Delhi University which provides admission in undergraduate and graduate courses.

While implementing a new method in admission process, it has been able to provide respite to the students. As they do not have to halt in long queue, in the scorching heat of sun to purchase and submit the application forms.

DU has come up with an unusual approach which will help students to take admission directly on the basis of the cut off list and anticipates them from buying applications, which has been in the process for decades.

This new method is only applicable for honour courses. While for other professional courses an application has to be submitted. According to Diksha Bahl a student said, this year DU has made it very convineint for them as they can choose a particular college only based on its cut off percentage. This has saved their time as they do not have to hinder from place to place in search for admissions.

Though DU is welcoming new modifications right from semester system to the eradication of filling any forms, to make it easier for the students. Hope to see new radical innovations which would be a great reinforcement for the students as well as their parents.