Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Elederly abused by their offsprings

India is known for its diverse cultures, which has been passed from generation to generation. The Indians are appreciated because of their respectful nature towards their parents. Even migrants who reside abroad want their children to have Indian roots and their devotional approach towards their families.

Recently, Help age India, had conducted a survey that most of the elderly people are victims of physical and verbal abuse. They are mostly targeted by their own families, be it their sons and daughter- in-laws. This highlights the fact that Indian people have been delinquent towards their parents.

The elderly people’s financial dependency over their children is the main reason of their agony. 90% victims are found in Delhi itself. Some have confined indoors in silence and have not been able to share their grievances with their neighbours.

People always desire to have a Male offspring in their families and this survey has clearly proved that 50% elderly people are abused by their sons.

Elderly people have to break their silence and move out in public to express their grievances with the people. Earlier elderly people were targets of crime and murders and now they fall prey in the hands of their own family members.

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