Thursday, 9 June 2011

Get ready to pay for expensive meals

The government is in no mood to respite its citizens with the expenses it is mounting on the people. Since the year began, the government has been introducing new hikes, be it in the milk products, petrol or other groceries that are consumed for daily usage.

From July1 a new hike is reported to be seen in food and liquors, announced by the Delhi Excise Rules 2011.The popular brands of liquor such as Scotch, Vodka and Whisky will increase by 10-15%.While the price of bear will remain stagnant because the price was revised three months back.

An augmentation in the price of liquor will also push up the price of food items in the restaurants. Industry experts said, people will have issue in the beginning as they have to shell out more money on products such as alcohol and cigarettes but within time people will get accustomed with the inflated prices.

People are left with no alternative be it the household products or luxury items as they have to spend more money from their pockets. Since, the year has started; the government has burdened its citizens with the hikes on various products. While the government themselves are unanswerable on issues related to corruption.

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