Friday, 3 June 2011

Players prefer IPL over country

In time to come, IPL will become more notorious among the players. This is what a survey has to say, which was conducted among 45 players by the federation of international cricket. Players are keen to endure their national duty when they are approached to play for the IPL.

The survey showed that 32% players would retire before as their keen interest is in playing for the Indian premier league and T20.While 94% assured that young players will refine their skills because of the lucrative salaries offered by the IPL.

IPL has its own benefits as it provides the player with astronomical salary which is much more than their actual revenue which is generated while playing for their ODI matches.

Looking at the present scenario of the players, the loyalty factor is likely to shift towards the IPL matches, as it replenish new opportunity to the upcoming players and plenty of time is provided to them for the practice as IPL is held once in a year.

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