Monday, 2 July 2012

Up The Hill, Up in The Heaven !!!!

The hustle-bustle in the crowded city, the scorching  heat and humid climate and the everyday work routine makes you realize that you need  to take a break from all these bustle  for sometime. Even, I was looking for some respite, so I headed  towards a short vacation to Mussoorie-The Queen of Hills. Indeed the name justifies itself. Once you reach this hill-station, you will surely fall in love with this place.

The fresh, non-pollutant air, the calm ambiance and the chirping of the birds (as if they have come to wish you Good Morning) makes you think that all these things you can hardly find in a city. Well moving on, my 3 days unforgettable journey to Mussoorie was simply a reprieve which I had been missing for prolonged 3 years.

My day usually began with a hot cup of tea which I used to enjoy with the sightseeing of the beautiful mountains. Then, walking the endless mall road and walking up and downward the hills was a routine which continued through out my vacation.

The eating of hot Corn which we also refer as 'Bhutta' was just an add-on to feel refreshed in this peace-loving hill. Not to forget I was reliving my hidden dream of riding a Motorcycle though in form of a video game but if you would have noticed my expressions, you could have felt that as if I am  driving to win the championship of the motor cycle racing.

Undoubtedly, the impact of Global Warming is showing its effects even in the hill station as well and I fear in another few years the hill stations will loose its charm and everyone will prefer to prepare its vacations in abroad. Well, I just believe that my fear does not turn into reality and our coming generation keeps on visiting this natural beauty. 

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