Friday, 14 September 2012

Scams, rise in price has left no option for a common man

Why do we elect a government? Why do we give preference to a particular political party ahead of other political parties? The answer lies to the fact that, we often trust our elected government thinking of the fact, that they will provide us with all the beneficial facilities along with the finest public service keep in mind the requirements of the general public irrespective of all classes.

On the contrary, the real fact holds some other truth. The government is not interested to serve their public’s interest but have keen concern towards their own private interest. The present Congress government has put India into shame with its endless scams right from Common Wealth Games, 2G Scams and now recently added Coalgate Scam. In the record of Indian history, no other government has registered its name in the sprawling brawls as the present government has done.

CWG has become a history now, as there have been entries of some more new scams. The latest to discuss is Coalgate Scam where coal was allocated to various coal companies without proper procedure of bidding. The latest reports suggest that most of the coal was allocated to union ministers relatives including those who had their companies running for merely 2- 3 days.

The plight of people does not end here. A recent announcement by the government of cutting down the subsidies on LPG gas and only allowing subsidies on 6 LPG gas per year has made the common man more anxious.

Innumerable strikes, Anna Hazzare‘s anti – corruption act does not have any effect on the government as they believe in extracting large amount of money from the public as they them self know that  that they have minimal chance of winning the next 2014 elections.