Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Homosexuals are NOT criminals

Few days back, a news channel was running a bulletin stating that SC has declared homosexuality a criminal offence. With a stunned expression, I could not believe what I heard and saw. I pinched myself, looked at the calendar realising that we don’t live in dark ages and we are soon going to bid adieu to 2013. At this time, when the world is chasing the path of progress, what made the Indian Judiciary to take this rearward action?

We are all aware of the fact that rape, sexual assault and domestic violence are criminal offences but how does homosexuality adds to this list. Is falling in love with someone of the same gender a crime? C’mon, we can’t compare homosexuals with criminals.

Criminals are termed for those who perform inappropriate duties like rape, loot, assault and harm and destroy the life of an individual. But in India, we have a different tale to tell, here, homosexuals are also termed as offenders who commit crime by falling in love with the person of the same sex. How is it a crime? Don’t they have a right to live there life on their own terms?

Those who think that homosexuals destroy the order of nature need to put back their words in their mouth and re-think on it again.  They are equal members of the society who are entitled to practice human rights like any other citizen of the country.

While the political parties may be reluctant in giving its views about the formation of the government but they surely know how to comment on the most debatable topic. Though some parties have always considered homosexuals as criminals, while there are those who like to take mid-path in their political game and turn in support to win over the confidence of the citizens of the country.

Well, India can never progress if they still wish to live in dark ages while showing the outer world the picture of its modern era. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Iconic : Sachin Tendulkar

Sachinnnnnnnnnnn........... Sachinnnnnnnnnnnnn............aala re aala sachin aala...... the stadium roared for 24 years when Sachin stepped down on the pitch to play for the Indian Team. Yesterday was different; people shouted for Sachin but with a heavy heart as finally the GOD OF Cricket had decided to end his journey of cricket by retiring from the test matches.

At the age of 16 when Sachin for the first time played against Pakistan, less did he know that he would stand strong for 24 years despite all odds and would turn out to be the youngest iconic personality in Sports and an admirer for his contemporaries and juniors.

A journey which he began on 15th November 1989 came to an end on 16 th November 2013 followed by an emotional speech which left not him but the whole nation into tears. It was hard for every cricket lover to imagine that they will not be able to spot Sachin’s name in the league and now has to imagine cricket without him.

His began his speech in a choked voice but managed to continue for next twenty minutes. He thanked his family, friends, media and his fans for garnering him immense support throughout his career.

All through his career, Sachin played with honesty and bowled his fans with his unbeatable records but still talking with humility whenever asked about his thrashing performances in every match he played.

His career ended on a beautiful note with the announcement, that he will be honoured with BHARAT RATNA, making him the youngest civilian to receive this award. Truly, Sachin touched chord of every cricket lover and has earned respect through his game and his humbleness towards his fans.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Rejuvenate your life with a SMILE

“I was smiling yesterday, I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” 

Santosh Kalwar

You can bring a smile on your face when you are contented, you can also smile when you don’t wish to, but a fake smile would do to make others pleased. A smile on the face is just a proof for others to show them that everything is bright in you haphazard life.... yes that is what you do... you crack jokes, you laugh aloud only when you are among your peer groups....

Can you recall when was the last time you saw yourself smiling in the mirror? AAAAAAAAHA... a tough one to think...... but nevertheless we all our trapped in the similar circumstances. Every day we wake up with handful of tensions and with new list of problems.

It is a human behaviour when you see others smile and relaxed in their life, you feel jealous and that jealousy vanishes away the smile from your face. It happens because of the competitiveness we all carry in our minds. It does not only make our present complicated but turns our future into more complexities.

We cry, feel miserable but still we rejuvenate again because this is what life is all about. So it’s better to spread happiness all around, tug in all your hidden feelings and let everyone know that there is no one happier than you, though the reality of  your life is something else.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Google v/s Human Brain

Today, I was just flipping the pages of the newspaper, when my eyes caught on an interesting article which said, “GOOGLE HAS MADE PEOPLE FORGETFUL”. I stressed on my mental organs to think that how far is it true, and finally came over a conclusion which was in the favour of the article that I had read in the evening.

It is a well known fact that in the past few years with the preamble of new technologies, the humans have given rest to its Cerebrum and focuses more on internet search. It goes the same way, that when everything is served on your platter, then why do you need to search for food?

Just think for a minute, can you discuss any term in detail without searching for it on Google? Most of us will answer it as a NO. Why is it so? Has Google made us so dependent in the past few decades? Earlier how did people worked with so much of efficiency when the word GOOGLE was still unfamiliar. Those minds worked, because for them there main strengths were their intelligence and hard work and their minimal dependency on innovative technologies.

Our brainpower has been overtaken by technologies, thus giving us less opportunity to think, process and work. If we anticipate that these technologies will not affect us further, then our mind is forcing us to believe what can never be true.

According to the latest survey, people were unable to recall even the latest incidents such as death of Princess Diana or the attack on the World Trade Centre or any history of the past. To recall everything the dependency on Google has become mandatory. Our coming generation will fathom on other techniques which is still unknown to us and our future will not exist of Human race but of Robotic race.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Is Narendra Modi our next P.M. ?

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. - Colin Powell

After months of anticipation and discussions, BHARTIYA JANTA PARTY (BJP), announced Mr. Narendra Modi as the next PM candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Mr.Modi is being looked upon as a transformer of the largest democratic country of the world.

India is looking for a man who is fearless; courageous and can withstand all odds even in the grimmest situations, and the Gujarat CM has all the qualities integrated in him.  In 2002, Modi faced a dark patch during the unfortunate Godhra riots in which several innocent lives were taken which paralysed the state government for a while. Later in the end of the year, Modi again won the state election which was a huge blow to its conspirators who wanted to get India a bad name on the bases of Hindu-Muslim riots.

Good things do not happen overnight and it takes sheer hard work and determination and that is what Modi’s journey has been from a tea staller to the political icon. Undoubtedly, it is both commendable and inspiring for the youths.

His round of speech in every state only highlights his quality as a leader who shines with impeccable integrity. He garners immense support from the civil society and these are the ones who will enable him to live his dream. In return, Modi needs to selflessly return a nation which is corruption free, provides equal opportunities; works on the safety of women’s and thinks of its nation and people rather than about other inapt matters.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

BAPU,The NOT SO Divine Saint

I am a god’s messenger; I can read your mind and can answer all your question in your dreams is what the 72 year old Asaram Bapu, the spiritual guru has been preaching all these years. He plays with the minds of his followers and moulds them in such a way that they start believing him. The controversial guru has always been in the news for some other reason, but at present he has again grabbed the headlines for raping a 16 year old girl in the ashram, where every day thousand of devotes assemble to listen his religious messages and beliefs.

Asaram bapu, is a self claimed god’s man who preaches on bhakti and karma yoga. Within short span of time, he has garnered the support of millions of people both in India and overseas. He has expanded his empire to 425 ashrams, a more than 1400 samitis and 50 gurukuls. He charges huge sum of money while visiting his devotee’s house which could range anything between 1 lakh to 10 lakhs. He has immense support of MLA’S and state ministers through whom he is able acquire land to build his ashrams.

Molesting or raping a girl is not something new for him as he has been doing it in the confined doors of his ashram all these years as reported by his close aide. For his leisure time   he wants girls between the age group of 15 to 25 and ones he has slept with them, he does not want them again. If someone raises her voice against his heinous crime, she is poisoned to death and is disposed at the back of his ashram.  But the situation changed, when the victim and her father bought his coarse acts from private to public and showed the real face of the spiritual leader who would have otherwise continued his loutish deeds along with his divine duties.

It is astonishing to know that how gruesomely these acts are performed in one corner and in other corner this saint wears his mask and dramatize the spiritual duties and play along with the sentiments of the people. By telling people that they are an intermediate of a god and a man, they attain the trust of the people and take home sack of huge moolah.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nirbhaya : A Courageous Soul

Is it misdemeanour to be a girl? Is female foeticide the only option for would be parents when they come to know about the sex of their unborn child? “Kill your female child instead of bringing her into this malicious world” is what a devastated father of Damini says after hearing the court verdict against the juvenile.

The horrendous crime which took place on the fateful day of 16th December 2012, when a girl was brutally raped, murdered and thrown out of the bus, the first judgement came favouring the juvenile who was one of the five accused in the Delhi gang rape case. After eight months, when every citizen of India was waiting for a favourable judgement for Damini, the judiciary left the accused easily by punishing him only for 3 years in the reform centre.

It was heart wrenching for the victims parents to see that the judiciary did not favoured them with justice. How would have they felt when they saw the murderer of their daughter walking so easily without serving any severe punishment. Numerous broadcast channels were running Damini’s parents interview which showed them sobbing and distraught.

The rapists are undoubtedly psychopaths who get thrills from the sufferings of the victims. Just for their sexual desires they ruin a girl’s life forever. These rapists become more potent in a group and try to repeat the act of porn films which they pleasurably watch along with their peer groups.

Every hour a rape takes place, some are registered while some are kept under the carpet. A strict law needs to be enforced, is what we have been murmuring all this while but the government remains insane to our calls, forget about the measures it will take, it even fails to react in any situation.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to dress up this monsoon?

After the blazing heat, I can feel the cool breeze brush across my face. Like every year, I let my soul embrace this weather as I know it will take me another year to do the same. I have been tumbling in and out and finally I decide to move out to take pleasure in the rainy season of this year.

Today’s fashion trends change according to the seasons and the same connotes for monsoons. As I walk, I see people wearing different attires that suits best in this weather, making me think to dress in the same when I move out again.

Let’s take a guide of what to include and what to drop from your monsoon wardrobe:

When you step out in rainy seasons, the road is enclosed with mud and muck, so it best to avoid denims and full-length trousers and to try on something three-fourths.

If you are wearing some body- hugging outfits and are completely drenched in rain, it makes you feel irritable and sticky, so it is essential to step out wearing free-fitting clothes.

Kurti's in amalgamation with leggings is an ideal choice to wear in monsoons as it allows your body to breathe in humid and sticky climate.

Foot Wears:

Dressing up with a perfect foot-wear can be problematic during rains and you are not sure what will work well along with it. Wearing a Flip flop fun will help you to walk smoothly and confidently on wet floors and will allow you to match it up with any dress you decide to wear.

If you are planning to go out for an evening coffee with your pals, then Crocs either in black or brown( avoid wearing light colours) are the most durable foot wears during rainy season as they are comfortable and can be used with any of your formal outfits.

Being in the 20th century, you might want to dress up as retro lass but baffled when it comes to foot wears. The best you can go on is for printed wedges in different designs and styles as it is well supported with heels making it comfortable while walking.

Set up your wardrobe during monsoons, fly like a free bird and let the cool breeze smoothen your face without being apprehensive.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Donate Organs, Save Life

An organised movement has always led tremendous support to a cause, it makes people aware about the grim situation that has been prevailing in our society and pushes them to come out of their domicile and join the bandwagon.

The new cause which has come up as initiated by TOI (Times of India) is to help in gifting life to others. The leading newspaper had organised various programmes, activities and events to make sure that people come in large number to support Organ Donation Day which was held on 6th August 2013. Times group, requested people to come in large numbers and to register themselves in www. I lead an initiative taken by the organisation to donate their organs after death.

India, being a religious country is always surrounded with numerous myths, fears and superstitions such as: "What if I donate a particular organ and I am born without it in my next birth? " This futile thought process makes people hesitant and narrow minded when it comes to donating organs. On the record, in India, only 1 percent Indians pledge to donate their organs in comparison to other countries in the world.

In our country, lakhs of people die every year because of the unavailability of organs for donation. People should understand that, by donating your organs you are performing the best karma of your life and you are not dead, instead you are still living by being a part of someone’s life.

According to the statics in India, till date, people from all walks of life be it actors, army men’s, common man only missing out the politicians  as they have “much more” better things to do, have supported this campaign which has resulted in more than 50,000 plus people in support.

I pledge to donate my organs.... and you do the same....

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Love : A Dangerous Ishq

She is twirling her hair while looking at me.....Is it an indication of love? She smiles, She laughs on my silly jokes,she compliments me every time.... I am sure she loves me. Let me make a move.... BOY :“I have developed some feelings for you, and I ‘Think’even you feel the same for me... I Love You... and want  to be with you for the rest of my life”..... GIRL : Pat the reply comes, “but I think you are just my friend... I have never developed such feelings for you.... Common we will remain friends forever.”

Anguish, pain, dejection, distress has now flown into the mind of the psyche lover. How can she snub me? If she doesn't love me, she can not fall in love with anybody else.... I will kill her.

Wait, the above scene is not from any film, it is also not a transcript of any book.... it is a projection of a psyche human which reverses his feelings into lunacy of Love. The person feels betrayed, rejected and does not want to confront the reality. He just wants to remain insane and wants to take hold of the person whom he claims to be in love.

Love cannot always be an ecstasy, a dreamy film of a charming person, at times it can be a dangerous ishq and life threatening.

Few days back, the scene written above was played into reality, a student from a prestigious university, JNU,had attempted to kill his lover and himself consumed poison to bring an end to his incomplete love story. Both the students were pursuing language course from JNU. The guy had fallen for the girl and when she did not reciprocate the same feeling, he thought of killing her forever.

Why love overpowers the mind and heart of a person? Why the rejection  cannot be taken? Why is it difficult to accept failures?

Brain is a complex organ, but if you make it work along with your heart,it can make it effortless for you to reach a conclusion.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Shower of RAIN

Rain... Rain.... bestow some reprieve from the scorching heat of summer, is all that we have been humming for quite some time. Finally, rain poured and the Delhiites rejoiced the weather. For some, drenching in the rain is the most upbeat way of experiencing the arrival of monsoon, but for others including me, sitting indoors and admiring at the scenic beauty of tiny droplets of water from the window pane is the ideal way of welcoming the monsoon.

Along with rains follow various frenzied problems such as water logging which  gives way to long traffic jams, the filling up of severs which invites some unwelcoming diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and Jaundice to name some few. The government, when asked about the way it has been improving the basic amenities and its result is best shown in rains, remain numb and clueless. All Our CM has to say is, ‘There is nothing much we can do, all is that we can ask god to stop raining.’ AHHHAH... WHAT AN ANSWER TO CONCLUDE YOUR STATEMENT. Well there is nothing more that we can expect.

Undoubtedly, nature has always something beautiful to offer but it is to the mankind that how it should be preserved without creating much commotion.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Delhi, The main hub for trafficking.

Delhi has already been termed as the rape capital of India and now it has added another feather in its cap by being the main center for child trafficking. Being a delhiite, it brings a kind of dissatisfaction when people talk about your city for all wrong reasons.

According to the recent reports, Delhi is the most horrible hit state for child trafficking; children from all states of India as well as from outside India such as Nepal, Bhutan, Bihar and Bangladesh are being trafficked. In order to avoid the scanner of the police, the trafficking agents operate in form of beauty parlous, massage parlous and escort services. The girls trafficked are not only shifted to other states in India but even to their main hub centers in Middle east and other gulf regions.

Girls who have entered their puberty are high in demand and are shifted to pubs in Mumbai as dancers and are even exported to Sheikhs in Dubai. Some are even delegated to illegal maid agencies from where they are recruited to work in domestic places. The growth of small children as employers is immense as they are easy to avail, crib less, are much cheaper and are easier to exploit.

After going through the prevailing situation, The Ministry of Home affairs has undertaken  a strict regime and has declared of setting up of 300 units of Police Districts across the states. Though, measures have been upgraded but it is still uncertain that what will be the repercussions.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Surrogacy : New way, to a New Life

In India, with the availing of medical infrastructure, a new door of anticipation has been opened for various childless couples. Gujarat is known for proving highest number of surrogate mothers to couples in India as well as in abroad. Many couples from abroad choose surrogate mothers from India because of the low cost involved in it.

The couple who procures the womb of a surrogate mother has do go under a legal agreement which states that all the cost of the unborn child and the surrogate mother will be given by the couple. Under no circumstances, the surrogate mother can refuse to give the child to the couple. If in case the child is born with a disorder, the couple still has to accept the child.

Surrogacy includes the genetics of the couple while the womb is of the surrogate mother. In this process, the sperm and the egg of the ‘would be parents’ is fertilized outside, and once it is done, it is then injected to the womb of the surrogate mother.

Many contemporary actors in Bollywood have also adopted this technique, the latest one being Shah Rukh Khan. The superstar after raising his two children to teenage hood has become a proud father for the third time of a baby boy. He stated in a press conference that he has mixed emotions and the reason being that his baby is pre-mature and has been in the hospital for long.

Who got the opportunity to bear the child of Shahrukh in her womb is still kept under wraps. While some believe it to be his sister-in law but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Before SRK grabbing the headlines of his child through surrogacy, number of other actors such as Amir Khan and Sohail Khan has also been known following the same method.

Well, if it is to believe, with time surrogacy will become more popular and help couples to have their own genetic child without the complicated procedure of adoption.

Friday, 10 May 2013

An irony of our Society

 Since centuries, India has been a patriarchal society and it still continues to be so. My first line can be agreed by some and disagreed by others and the choice is yours....

We as Indians claim, that the women’s in our society have come ahead far from what they were doing some three decades ago but still to my astonishment it is just one step ahead and not much has been changed. Even today, men are decision makers and the wifely needs to follow it, her opinion will be taken into consideration but the main verdict has already been decided.

We live in an ironic society where goddesses are worshiped during navratras (a holy festival in India) girls are regarded as little devis during those ten days and blessings are seized from them. If we look at another picture we will get to a disparate view. In states like Rajsthan, Punjab, Haryana and many more cities to name, the quotient of crimes like female feticide rapes, molestation and other heinous crimes against women is extremely high. This makes me hard to think that why women’s are not treated as goddesses and why do they become simple objects of sexual desires.

Another irony of our society is that sex is considered as a taboo where a talk or visuals on sex embarrasses both children and parents. If sex was such a taboo in our society then, why do maximum number of porn films are watched here, why India hits in the top list of unsafely against women.

All the why’s that I have asked does not have any answer and the truth beneath is women have and are still considered incapable of what men’s do, they are still considered a visual treat for many who are surrounded by them. Talks, debates, rallies and unlimited attempts will continue to be made over the centuries but still no final conclusion will be drawn out and it will be continued forever.....