Friday, 10 May 2013

An irony of our Society

 Since centuries, India has been a patriarchal society and it still continues to be so. My first line can be agreed by some and disagreed by others and the choice is yours....

We as Indians claim, that the women’s in our society have come ahead far from what they were doing some three decades ago but still to my astonishment it is just one step ahead and not much has been changed. Even today, men are decision makers and the wifely needs to follow it, her opinion will be taken into consideration but the main verdict has already been decided.

We live in an ironic society where goddesses are worshiped during navratras (a holy festival in India) girls are regarded as little devis during those ten days and blessings are seized from them. If we look at another picture we will get to a disparate view. In states like Rajsthan, Punjab, Haryana and many more cities to name, the quotient of crimes like female feticide rapes, molestation and other heinous crimes against women is extremely high. This makes me hard to think that why women’s are not treated as goddesses and why do they become simple objects of sexual desires.

Another irony of our society is that sex is considered as a taboo where a talk or visuals on sex embarrasses both children and parents. If sex was such a taboo in our society then, why do maximum number of porn films are watched here, why India hits in the top list of unsafely against women.

All the why’s that I have asked does not have any answer and the truth beneath is women have and are still considered incapable of what men’s do, they are still considered a visual treat for many who are surrounded by them. Talks, debates, rallies and unlimited attempts will continue to be made over the centuries but still no final conclusion will be drawn out and it will be continued forever.....