Saturday, 6 July 2013

Surrogacy : New way, to a New Life

In India, with the availing of medical infrastructure, a new door of anticipation has been opened for various childless couples. Gujarat is known for proving highest number of surrogate mothers to couples in India as well as in abroad. Many couples from abroad choose surrogate mothers from India because of the low cost involved in it.

The couple who procures the womb of a surrogate mother has do go under a legal agreement which states that all the cost of the unborn child and the surrogate mother will be given by the couple. Under no circumstances, the surrogate mother can refuse to give the child to the couple. If in case the child is born with a disorder, the couple still has to accept the child.

Surrogacy includes the genetics of the couple while the womb is of the surrogate mother. In this process, the sperm and the egg of the ‘would be parents’ is fertilized outside, and once it is done, it is then injected to the womb of the surrogate mother.

Many contemporary actors in Bollywood have also adopted this technique, the latest one being Shah Rukh Khan. The superstar after raising his two children to teenage hood has become a proud father for the third time of a baby boy. He stated in a press conference that he has mixed emotions and the reason being that his baby is pre-mature and has been in the hospital for long.

Who got the opportunity to bear the child of Shahrukh in her womb is still kept under wraps. While some believe it to be his sister-in law but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Before SRK grabbing the headlines of his child through surrogacy, number of other actors such as Amir Khan and Sohail Khan has also been known following the same method.

Well, if it is to believe, with time surrogacy will become more popular and help couples to have their own genetic child without the complicated procedure of adoption.

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