Friday, 9 August 2013

Donate Organs, Save Life

An organised movement has always led tremendous support to a cause, it makes people aware about the grim situation that has been prevailing in our society and pushes them to come out of their domicile and join the bandwagon.

The new cause which has come up as initiated by TOI (Times of India) is to help in gifting life to others. The leading newspaper had organised various programmes, activities and events to make sure that people come in large number to support Organ Donation Day which was held on 6th August 2013. Times group, requested people to come in large numbers and to register themselves in www. I lead an initiative taken by the organisation to donate their organs after death.

India, being a religious country is always surrounded with numerous myths, fears and superstitions such as: "What if I donate a particular organ and I am born without it in my next birth? " This futile thought process makes people hesitant and narrow minded when it comes to donating organs. On the record, in India, only 1 percent Indians pledge to donate their organs in comparison to other countries in the world.

In our country, lakhs of people die every year because of the unavailability of organs for donation. People should understand that, by donating your organs you are performing the best karma of your life and you are not dead, instead you are still living by being a part of someone’s life.

According to the statics in India, till date, people from all walks of life be it actors, army men’s, common man only missing out the politicians  as they have “much more” better things to do, have supported this campaign which has resulted in more than 50,000 plus people in support.

I pledge to donate my organs.... and you do the same....

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