Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to dress up this monsoon?

After the blazing heat, I can feel the cool breeze brush across my face. Like every year, I let my soul embrace this weather as I know it will take me another year to do the same. I have been tumbling in and out and finally I decide to move out to take pleasure in the rainy season of this year.

Today’s fashion trends change according to the seasons and the same connotes for monsoons. As I walk, I see people wearing different attires that suits best in this weather, making me think to dress in the same when I move out again.

Let’s take a guide of what to include and what to drop from your monsoon wardrobe:

When you step out in rainy seasons, the road is enclosed with mud and muck, so it best to avoid denims and full-length trousers and to try on something three-fourths.

If you are wearing some body- hugging outfits and are completely drenched in rain, it makes you feel irritable and sticky, so it is essential to step out wearing free-fitting clothes.

Kurti's in amalgamation with leggings is an ideal choice to wear in monsoons as it allows your body to breathe in humid and sticky climate.

Foot Wears:

Dressing up with a perfect foot-wear can be problematic during rains and you are not sure what will work well along with it. Wearing a Flip flop fun will help you to walk smoothly and confidently on wet floors and will allow you to match it up with any dress you decide to wear.

If you are planning to go out for an evening coffee with your pals, then Crocs either in black or brown( avoid wearing light colours) are the most durable foot wears during rainy season as they are comfortable and can be used with any of your formal outfits.

Being in the 20th century, you might want to dress up as retro lass but baffled when it comes to foot wears. The best you can go on is for printed wedges in different designs and styles as it is well supported with heels making it comfortable while walking.

Set up your wardrobe during monsoons, fly like a free bird and let the cool breeze smoothen your face without being apprehensive.

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