Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Iconic : Sachin Tendulkar

Sachinnnnnnnnnnn........... Sachinnnnnnnnnnnnn............aala re aala sachin aala...... the stadium roared for 24 years when Sachin stepped down on the pitch to play for the Indian Team. Yesterday was different; people shouted for Sachin but with a heavy heart as finally the GOD OF Cricket had decided to end his journey of cricket by retiring from the test matches.

At the age of 16 when Sachin for the first time played against Pakistan, less did he know that he would stand strong for 24 years despite all odds and would turn out to be the youngest iconic personality in Sports and an admirer for his contemporaries and juniors.

A journey which he began on 15th November 1989 came to an end on 16 th November 2013 followed by an emotional speech which left not him but the whole nation into tears. It was hard for every cricket lover to imagine that they will not be able to spot Sachin’s name in the league and now has to imagine cricket without him.

His began his speech in a choked voice but managed to continue for next twenty minutes. He thanked his family, friends, media and his fans for garnering him immense support throughout his career.

All through his career, Sachin played with honesty and bowled his fans with his unbeatable records but still talking with humility whenever asked about his thrashing performances in every match he played.

His career ended on a beautiful note with the announcement, that he will be honoured with BHARAT RATNA, making him the youngest civilian to receive this award. Truly, Sachin touched chord of every cricket lover and has earned respect through his game and his humbleness towards his fans.


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