Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Homosexuals are NOT criminals

Few days back, a news channel was running a bulletin stating that SC has declared homosexuality a criminal offence. With a stunned expression, I could not believe what I heard and saw. I pinched myself, looked at the calendar realising that we don’t live in dark ages and we are soon going to bid adieu to 2013. At this time, when the world is chasing the path of progress, what made the Indian Judiciary to take this rearward action?

We are all aware of the fact that rape, sexual assault and domestic violence are criminal offences but how does homosexuality adds to this list. Is falling in love with someone of the same gender a crime? C’mon, we can’t compare homosexuals with criminals.

Criminals are termed for those who perform inappropriate duties like rape, loot, assault and harm and destroy the life of an individual. But in India, we have a different tale to tell, here, homosexuals are also termed as offenders who commit crime by falling in love with the person of the same sex. How is it a crime? Don’t they have a right to live there life on their own terms?

Those who think that homosexuals destroy the order of nature need to put back their words in their mouth and re-think on it again.  They are equal members of the society who are entitled to practice human rights like any other citizen of the country.

While the political parties may be reluctant in giving its views about the formation of the government but they surely know how to comment on the most debatable topic. Though some parties have always considered homosexuals as criminals, while there are those who like to take mid-path in their political game and turn in support to win over the confidence of the citizens of the country.

Well, India can never progress if they still wish to live in dark ages while showing the outer world the picture of its modern era. 

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