Monday, 19 May 2014

Mission 272+ accomplished, Modi and BJP's victorious win.

Do not underestimate the power of a Common Man.” A common man has the power to change the fortune of his realm. The same could be seen on 16th May 2014, when the people of the nation united and gave BJP the most incredible victory by making it one of the most historical events to be remembered.  After 1984 and for the first time in the history of the nationalist party, NDA crossed the mark of 300 and attained full majority in the Lok Sabha elections. 

Lakhs of volunteers united and made mission 272+ accomplished. New strategies and plans were formed to give a new dimension of the party to the people of the nation. Right from social media team to the ground level volunteers everyone had put their sheer efforts to create a historic moment for BJP so that its name can be imprinted in nation’s history.

BJP made the most remarkable victory in the recent elections and swept away the seats of its opposition as well, thus seizing away the opportunity from them to sit in the opposition. BJP’s triumphant win in all states indicates the much needed change from the ruling government which had obstructed all plans and paths of a common man.

When BJP talked about, United India and Good Governance, the party was being targeted for being communal. Series of allegations were put against the prime ministerial candidate and the saffron party, so that they could tarnish the party's image and create hurdles for them.  

Every time, the party stood strong on its principles and with the support of each and every citizen, the party turned victorious in every state with high margin. Modi ji determination, hardwork and his aim to lead the nation while fighting against all odds will open a new chapter in the Indian History.

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