Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nirbhaya : A Courageous Soul

Is it misdemeanour to be a girl? Is female foeticide the only option for would be parents when they come to know about the sex of their unborn child? “Kill your female child instead of bringing her into this malicious world” is what a devastated father of Damini says after hearing the court verdict against the juvenile.

The horrendous crime which took place on the fateful day of 16th December 2012, when a girl was brutally raped, murdered and thrown out of the bus, the first judgement came favouring the juvenile who was one of the five accused in the Delhi gang rape case. After eight months, when every citizen of India was waiting for a favourable judgement for Damini, the judiciary left the accused easily by punishing him only for 3 years in the reform centre.

It was heart wrenching for the victims parents to see that the judiciary did not favoured them with justice. How would have they felt when they saw the murderer of their daughter walking so easily without serving any severe punishment. Numerous broadcast channels were running Damini’s parents interview which showed them sobbing and distraught.

The rapists are undoubtedly psychopaths who get thrills from the sufferings of the victims. Just for their sexual desires they ruin a girl’s life forever. These rapists become more potent in a group and try to repeat the act of porn films which they pleasurably watch along with their peer groups.

Every hour a rape takes place, some are registered while some are kept under the carpet. A strict law needs to be enforced, is what we have been murmuring all this while but the government remains insane to our calls, forget about the measures it will take, it even fails to react in any situation.

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