Friday, 17 August 2012

Maruti’s Manesar Plant,all set for its arrival

After the most dreadful violence which took place almost a month back, The Maruti’s Manesar Plant  is once again ready to make a comeback  along with the high security measures at their premises. After suffering a loss of more than 1,400 crore, Maruti’s Manesar Plant, regenerate itself  on 21st August,  after the horrendous act.

The grim situation prevailed in July 2012 when a brawl occurred between high officials of the company and the workers. This led everyone in great astonishment. The circumstances of this violence led to the death of a senior manager, while 100 others were injured.

The Maruti’s Manesar Plant manufactures Swift hatchbacks and Dezire Sedane. Looking at the previous situation, the company has decided to sack 500 labours out of the current 1500 regular workers who were involved in this violent act. The chairman of the company Mr. Bhagara said, as further investigation takes place, more workers who were involved in this act will come under scanner  and will be fired immediately.

The company will start its production with the help of 300 labours and cutting down the target to 150 cars against the normal production of 1700 per day.

Along with the help of the Haryana police, the company has also raised its security level by stationing their own 500 security personals who will command all over the Manesar Plant to avoid any attempt who are planning  to lace the situation in a terrible way. 

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