Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Channel of India fights back

There is towering amount of antagonism running through the minds of millions of people who have been burdened by the rising hikes and unnecessary taxes incorporated by the corrupt political parties. The common man is left with no option but to put up with this burden.

In between all this turmoil’s a new wave of movement was started yet again in 2012 by the well- known Mahatma Gandhi’s follower Shri Anna Hazare. Once again he became the channel of millions of people who needed his support to fight back against corruption.

Like always there is criticism to any new movement and this time even Anna ji was not spared. He was criticized by his contemporaries but this did not stop him to carry the movement forward. He has been thoroughly supported by all Indians right from the beginning of his fight against corruption. But the same could not be seen this time at Jantar Mantar which again raises a debatable question. Have people stopped trusting Anna or has he failed to pull the crowd towards his movement. 

Yet again, Anna ji started his infinite hunger strike at Jantar Mantar. The 10 days long hunger strike did not pay any heed  to the Government as they  remained unanswered to the call of Hazare to pass the Lok Pal Bill ( the bill which  not fully but to some extent will eradicate corruption).

Further this movement also makes it very certain that the government is not ashamed of its acts and has come openly to show their horrendous faces.  Later, Anna and his team were left with no option but to put an end to their strike and at the same time declaring to set up a new political party to stand for the next 2014 elections.

Anna ji stated that, instead of himself, he wants his team members to put their right foot forward and while Hazare will work as a backbone for his members. Now, it is for the time to tell that which new cards will unfold in the future. 

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